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Timeglider – A slide through time

Do you remember the times in elementary school when we had to make timelines on paper?  Well, I do and they were awful.  Being someone with a little OCD about straight lines, these were stressful, especially when I did not … Continue reading

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Teachers are always so busy in their classrooms creating, organizing, and storing lesson plans. One of the most vital keys to success within the classroom is organization. With today’s technology there is a new way for students and teachers to … Continue reading

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Alchemy SmartBinder: Creating lessons online

All teachers have to make lesson plans for their classes every day, often written on paper which can be messy and hard to organize.  By writing lesson plans on paper, it is often hard for teachers to incorporate various media … Continue reading

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Popplet: A Place for Your Ideas

In Richard Byrne’s popular blog Free Technology for Teachers, there is a post called Popplet-Collaborative Mind Maps and Sticky Notes describing a service named Popplet. In short, Popplet is a cool tool that allows users to create aesthetically pleasing graphic organizers and … Continue reading

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