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How many times have you tried to make something – a poster or flyer – and just felt you weren’t creative/neat/artistic enough? How many times have you felt your handwriting was not nice enough or you just couldn’t draw designs the way you wanted them to turn out? Well fear no more Smore Flyers has the perfect solution when it comes to making flyers. These flyers can be done quickly and can hold lots of information. Students of almost any age can use this cool tool to make flyers, posters, or invitations on almost any topic in the classroom. And then once the flyer is finished students can share these online or print them out and hand them out. No more messy or uncreative flyers or posters in your classroom!

Smore Flyers are so easy to use. Before you can begin you must sign up and create an account but to create an account it’s free and it only takes a few seconds to sign up! There are some some packages you can buy that give you bonuses such as custom backgrounds, monthly emails, priority email support, no Smore branding, and early access to new designs; however, this site is totally usable and comes with great options without any paid for upgrades. If you have more questions on prices there is a pricing page right off of the home page that gives you all the options and what you can do with them. However, while this is an option its not something that you have to do! You can still make fantastic flyers without paying for anything.

Once you sign up, the website gives you a variety of pre-made templates

Some options Smore gives you for Flyers

Flyer Template Options

that you can then choose from. As you can see, in the photo to the right users can choose what kind of flyer or poster that they would like to make, or just start with “other” if they want to completely design it on their own.

Once you choose an option it will bring you to a ready made template where the rest of what you do is up to you. This cool tool gives you the option to change the design of your poster or flyer as well backgrounds, colors, and fonts.

Design options Smores offers to users

Design Options

There are usually around five to ten options for each, which some might see as not enough. However, I think it keeps it from being too overwhelming. Plus by keeping the options limited to only five fonts it could be helpful to students who spend too much time on detail as now they don’t have to choose from a thousand different things.

Different types of media users can insert into their flyers or posters

Insert Different Types of Media

Another great thing about this cool tool is that you can upload all sorts of content to it. Users can add text, pictures, audio, videos, and more! This is helpful for whatever you are making – your options are practically endless to the things you can add to your flyer or poster. This can make school projects more fun because students aren’t limited to just writing or only showing through pictures. Now students can really get to know certain topics by being asked to find all sorts of media to support their ideas and claims.

Once everything is complete, Smore Flyers gives you the option to share what you’ve made in many different ways. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Craigslist, email, direct link or you can just print it out and handout your flyer. You can also view flyers that other people have made with the Featured Flyers page. You can see what other people have done with their flyers to maybe give yourself some ideas or see all of the the options you can choose from.

Below is a Youtube video that explains a little more about how to make something on Smore.

Educators love this site as well. Shana, a former third grade teacher who now writes the blog Enchanted with Technology, writes about cool ways for teachers to integrate technology with their lessons. In her blog post entitled Smore! Flyers, she writes about all the great ways she thinks teachers and students can use this tool in the classroom. Some of her ideas for students consist of making a personal flyer on a character in a book they have been reading or even creating a snapshot of a book they’ve been reading. In that snapshot students could add pictures of the setting, an bio about the author, and add text for a summary. Some of Shana’s other ideas include things teachers can use Smore Flyers for. Shana says teachers can create a classroom newsletter to hand out to students and their parents or even create a syllabus for a class using one of the templates. All of these ideas are fantastic and there is still so much more you can do with this site!

I had so much fun learning about this site that I made a flyer of my own. Below is an example of a flyer that a class could do to show what the students learned about animal adaptations.

Smore Flyer

Smore Flyer

To learn more about this site and what you can do with it visit these other online blogs about Smore Flyers.

Please comment below on your thoughts or ideas on using Smore!

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9 Responses to Smore Flyers

  1. Victoria B. says:

    Great post, Mary! Smore Flyers seems like it’s very similar to Glogster. I think this looks like a great tool but the limited fonts, backgrounds, etc is a bit disappointing. I may not use this tool in class for students to create products, however I like the idea that it can be used to create teacher newsletters. Such a project doesn’t require a wide selection of fonts and backgrounds so I could more likely see myself using it for that purpose. Thanks for sharing!

    • B. Taylor says:

      Hey Victoria/all, Smore is definitely not as full of options as Glogster, and in fact its “tameness” is probably a plus in many situations. I have used Smore to create flyers that look much more “professional” than a glog. I would strongly encourage all of you to check it out because I bet even right now in your life as a student, you frequently need to publicize something, and you can share a Smore flyer directly through any social media channels! Give it a try – check out the Featured Flyers page Mary links to for some great ideas of how others have used it.

      • Chelsea S. says:

        I definitely agree that Smore seems more professional than Glogster! They are both really cool tools, but in some situations one tool is more optimal than the other. I agree with Mary on how having a limited amount of choices makes the experience of making a Smore less overwhelming. It helps people focus more on the content than the aesthetics.

  2. Tabitha C. says:

    I really like this tool! So true that sometimes it can be intimidating to make flyers if your handwriting isn’t perfect! Like my tool, which was limited with design options, your tool helps keep students on task and not spend hours picking the perfect font. I am one of those students who would spend excessive amounts of time choosing those, so it’s good to have some limitations!

  3. Maria H. says:

    Hi Mary! Although S’more Flyer does seem extremely similar to Glogster, I think I would enjoy using S’more for most of my assignments. Glogster kind of overwhelmed me with all of the options, and this tool seems much more tame and user-friendly. I like the small number of templates to choose from and all of the different cool things you can add to the poster! This is a great find, Mary, thanks!

  4. Sara R. says:

    I agree with Maria in the fact that Glogster did not seem to be so user-friendly–actually, I had so much trouble with it that I decided to use a different tool entirely. Anyway, I am the president of a club on campus and we are always creating new flyers and newsletters to hand out to members and potential members. Our creations have been a bit boring, but if we use this I feel as if they will not be anymore! I will be sure to share this tool with my executive board!

  5. Katie H. says:

    Great post Mary! I wish I would have known about Smore Flyers a long time ago. I hate making flyers on my own because I cannot write neatly to save my life and I have very few creative bones in my body. Having this tool create professional looking flyers that are creative as well would be perfect for advertising events. I can see myself using this tool to send flyers home with students for their parents. Students could also use this tool to create flyers for sample companies. I think it is an amazing tool! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Angie E. says:

    Great job Mary! this tool looks super fun and I want to use it for one of my projects! I always got frustrated when making posters or illustrations because I wanted them to look perfect, but never had the artistic ability to make this happen. I would have really benefitted from using a tool like this when I was in elementary and middle school. This is a great way for students to prove that they have learned something and to flex their creative muscles in a more forgiving medium than drawing or painting.

  7. Steph G. says:

    Mary, great post! I’m actually making a Smores poster as part of my wiki page. You should check it out! I love how simple and easy to use it is. Thank you so much for introducing us to this awesome tool!!

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