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Remember those times where your teacher told you to take out a piece of paper and draw your own Venn Diagram? Or when you were doing a project where you had to teach the class something and had to come up with some sort of activity for your peers to do, so naturally you made them draw a graphic organizer since you had been creating those since you were 5? It is no secret that children’s handwriting (and even highschooler’s) is terribly messy, and drawing your own graphic organizer on paper take lots of time, lots or erasing, and ends up with messy papers where the boxes you drew are never big enough for the words you need to put in them.  Well thanks to, making your own, customized graphic organizers has never been so easy.

This is a list of some of the graphic organizers that Worksheet offers.

Types of graphic organizers

What a cycle diagram is and ways to use it

Cycle diagram description

Worksheet Works is a website that allows anyone to choose from 14 different graphic organizers and customize them to what you need them for.  You can change the topic, headings, and how many rows, columns, boxes, or whatever your graphic organizer requires.  I found this tool on Tammy Worcester’s Technology Tips for Teachers, specifically the post titled Tip 83- Graphic Organizers (Customizable!).  When you click on a graphic organizer, there is a short description as to what that organizer is used to show, and some give an idea for a lesson plan to use that graphic organizer with.  For example, when you click on the cycle diagram, the description says that it is used to show how a series of events occur in a repeated fashion.  It also says that a typical lesson plan using a cycle diagram would have students show that they know the critical events that make up a cycle.

Here is a quick YouTube video that explains more about Worksheet Works!

Once you have made your graphic organizer and customized it to the topic of your choice, you can save it and download it as a PDF file.  The file is clear and high quality, so when you print it, it won’t be fuzzy.  You can then print enough for your class or your project, and your students will not have to waste time drawing their own!

This is also a great tool for students to use, because they can create their own graphic organizers by themselves.  The website is very user-friendly.  I know that when I was in school, I would have to do projects that required me to make graphic organizers about a book I read, a science topic, or comparing two wars in history.  This website is great for projects like that because students can quickly and easily make an organizer to show their peers.

How to use the options to make your own chart

Customization of star chart

Graphic organizers are also great note- taking tools.  In this example below, I created a star diagram about the moon.  As I read an informational text about the moon, I could have my students write down things they learn as the story goes along.  when the story is over, they can compare what they wrote down with others at their table, then pick the most common things they learned to share with the rest of the class.  This enables students to focus more on what to put in the chart, rather than the chart itself.

Star chart about the moon to list things students learn about the moon

Moon graphic organizer

Free common and proper noun worksheet customized by the teacher

Common and Proper nouns worksheet

Worksheet Works is not only a tool for making graphic organizers though.  The website has math, geography, english language, and puzzles categories where hundreds of different worksheets, flashcards, maps, and other tools are free to customize and print.  Here is an example of a worksheet created to teach common and proper nouns.  You can choose what types of questions are found on the worksheet, and the website creates the problems for you.

Worksheet Works is a great, free resource that allow both teachers and students to create customized worksheets and graphic organizers for a variety of subjects, topics, or projects.  What ways can you see yourself using Worksheet Works in the future? Would you use it to allow your students to create tools on their own?

Here are some additional resources regarding Worksheet Works:

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14 Responses to Worksheet Works

  1. Kelly F. says:

    Hey Anna, I really like the idea of having a website where you can customize a worksheet, this seems like a huge time saver! I agree with you though, in the past when we had to do these by hand it would end up sloppy and illegible. As a teacher I could see myself having a stash of these, and at the same time I could see myself recommending that my students use this website when giving a presentation to the class.

  2. Angie E. says:

    Good job Anna! I agree with you that hand-drawn worksheets can be a mess and very difficult for young students. Like Kelly, I think that this would be a huge time-saver, and allow us to teach in material the way we want to, because we can control the worksheet. I love the idea of using these as handouts for presentations we are doing in classes now, and for letting our future students make worksheets for their projects as well. Thanks Anna!

  3. Sara R. says:

    Anna, thanks for this post on this cool tool! Not only do I like the freedom it gives you in creating your own worksheets, but I also appreciate the descriptions the site provides on how to properly use each of the worksheets. Those descriptions could be incredibly useful if I assign my students to create a worksheet of their own, perhaps if they were teaching a lesson to the class. I will definitely make use of this in the future!

  4. Tabitha C. says:

    What an awesome tool! This is such a great idea, especially because I hate drawing Venn Diagrams because I can never make good circles! Really, though, I think I will definitely use this or a similar tool when student teaching senior year, if not before then. Thanks!

  5. Mary F. says:

    Great post Anna!! I agree with what you, and everyone above said about this being a helpful tool. This way you can customize and make the worksheet your own – so it has exactly what you need as a teacher to give your students. Also, like you said, it’ll be so much easier to read or grade than having first graders draw their own messy circles in a venn diagram. Thanks for the cool tool!

  6. B. Taylor says:

    My first reaction was “Oh no! Printing a copy for every student? When paper is in short supply in schools?” Then I thought a little more and wondered if I could find a good tablet app for writing on a PDF file. I have one on my iPad I like a lot (PDF Expert), but it wasn’t free and has extra features your students would not need, so I did a quick Google search for free pdf annotation apps and found lots of options for both iOS and Android devices. So how cool would that be? Download the PDF worksheet and open it in an app where students can annotate! A stylus instead of a finger makes writing easier. We can try this out in class so you can see how it would work.

  7. Katie H. says:

    Great post Anna! I think this tool is excellent because it allows you to customize graphic organizer worksheets for students. I have spent hours on the Internet searching for graphic organizers that would fit a particular lesson that I would be using for tutoring, but I could not find an organizer that fit everything that I needed. Having the ability to customize forms to exactly what I want is perfect for using in any classroom. I will definitely use this tool in my future classroom. Thanks for the great information!

  8. Alexia M. says:

    This is a great post, Anna! I have never heard of Worksheet Works before. As a future teacher, I can see this being extremely helpful in the classroom. I really like that you can create worksheets for the students to do, because I know I’m going to have to create worksheets when I’m teaching. I just didn’t know how to do it! I wish that you could type in your own answers in the areas rather than having to print it out to write on though, but Dr. Taylor brings up a good point for an alternative to that!

  9. Steph G. says:

    Anna, great job! Personally, I’ve never liked using graphic organizers because they were difficult to draw, but Worksheet Works seems like a really simply and creative way to use them! I think they can be so helpful when used correctly. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  10. Laura H. says:

    Kids get really excited about working on computers, so this tool seems like it would be great to get kids pumped about doing a graphic organizer, maybe even about a subject they weren’t super keen on. This is an awesome post Anna!

  11. Winna P. says:

    Go Anna! This post is really great! I totally agree with Steph, drawing graphic organizers is really hard especially for students who are not very neat. I can totally see myself using this in my classroom. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Maria H. says:

    Anna, this is seriously the coolest tool! I had a great time reading this post, it may be my favorite of all the posts! I struggled with making any kind of organizer in school, especially venn diagrams. My circles were never the right size! This is 100% useful for the classroom and I will most definitely be using it in the future! Thanks, Anna!

  13. Chelsea S. says:

    It’s pretty amazing that such an wonderful tool like this is free! Honestly, the worst part of diagrams is having big handwriting that doesn’t fit in diagrams neatly. Messy handwriting is definitely another problem. I am also amazed that there are 14 different diagrams to choose from. This is a free site and they give you so many options to choose from- and that doesn’t even include the other subjects! We learned a lot about technology in schools from skyping with Sylvan Elementary. Granted, not every school has the technology like Sylvan does, but we were still introduced to what could be available to our classroom. I would use this for my students to create their own van diagram on their laptops and then they can print it out or send me a PDF so we can save paper.

  14. Victoria B. says:

    Anna, this is such a great tool! As a student, I always hated drawing diagrams and graphic organizers because they always ended up being more messy than organized. The fact that there is an online resource for all types of graphic organizers is very helpful. This is definitely a tool I will use in my classroom to save time and the sanity of myself and my students!

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