Popplet: A Place for Your Ideas

In Richard Byrne’s popular blog Free Technology for Teachers, there is a post called Popplet-Collaborative Mind Maps and Sticky Notes describing a service named Popplet. In short, Popplet is a cool tool that allows users to create aesthetically pleasing graphic organizers and organizational maps, perfect for all types of students. Tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint and printable, blank organizers are commonplace in schools, but Popplet is much more unknown. Students can add “popples,” find pictures, change colors and font, and more! This “online sticky note service,” according to Byrne, is a great way for any topic to be explained in a fun, multimedia way! Popplet is a great way to start- sign up for free and share your ideas!

To learn all about how to make your own Popplet, check out my Popplet named How to Make a Popplet, screenshotted below with a link to the page as well. This will be more interactive as well as informational. Be sure to play around with Zoom, Go Fullscreen, Help, Logout and Save options as shown in the screenshot below, at the top of the Popplet page.

Popplet website

The title popple of “How to Make a Popplet,” linking to Popplet’s website

There are numerous tools in order to edit a Popplet, at the top of each Popplet page and inside of each popple. Shown in the screenshot below are the four edit functions

Edit tools

The four tools found inside of a popple to edit

inside of each popple, with a link to my Popplet itself. On the bottom left is the tool to change the color of the popple. In

the screenshot the popple is blue, but there is a variety of other colors to choose from. Next to this is the “A” button, or the font size and text shift option. The drawing tool to the right of that allows you to draw whatever you want inside the popple with your mouse. And to the very right is the “upload image” tool that gives you the option of uploading an image from Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, or your own computer.  I know that all of this can seem confusing and complicated, but once you are on the website and making your own Popplet, these edit functions will become a breeze. Also, in my own Popplet, How to Make a Popplet, all of this is explained and shown in an interactive fashion.

Also, you can watch the YouTube video included below for a step-by-step tutorial of how to make your very own Popplet. Basically, it reiterates everything I said in my Popplet and allows you to see it being done as well as the finalized product.

Something useful to keep in mind is that web-based Popplets will not show up on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Although you cannot view them from the devices, there is a great alternative to creating Popplets away from a computer with the Popplet Lite app in the iTunes store.

So tell me…How can Popplet be used by students and teachers in a classroom setting? Popplets for just about every subject imaginable can be found at Public Popplets to help jumpstart your imagination. I am interested in going into Spanish Education and English as a Second Language, so I can see myself having one English or Spanish word in the middle of a Popplet and multiple synonyms of that word in the surrounding popples to help my students broaden their vocabulary usage. Based on your specialized areas, what topics may be in your Popplets? In the following list are some great resources describing how Popplets have been used in classrooms all over the world! Enjoy!

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16 Responses to Popplet: A Place for Your Ideas

  1. Chelsea R. says:

    I really liked how you incorporated how teachers and students could use this cool tool. At one point in the third paragraph I felt like you may have explained hot to use Popplet step-by-step a little too much but over all I thought you made it clear that you wanted the readers to go view the tutorials.

  2. Sara R. says:

    I really like this tool! As a person who really enjoys organization as well as aesthetics, popplet is definitely a tool that can be used effectively in my classroom. I can see myself, in my fifth grade classroom, creating a graphic organizer about the character in a book we are reading as a class, using the different popples to describe a protagonist’s attributes. I particularly like how you are able to zoom in on a particular popple with such ease. As a student who has struggled with seeing the board a lot of her life, I am excited that this program completely eradicates that issue for my students.

    • Chelsea S. says:

      Sara, that is exactly what I thought while reading this post! I remember doing a lot of diagrams like this in elementary school. I remember in third grade learning the basics on how to write a story so I think this would be an awesome tool for students to organize their thoughts into paragraphs and then include what they want to talk about in each paragraph!

  3. Tabitha C. says:

    I already like Popplet just from reading this post! I think the name is too funny and it looks very visually appealing, which is something that I’ve found is quite influential in how much I enjoy using programs. I don’t know if you’ve ever used prezi, but this reminds me a lot of it! Thanks for the tool Maria!

    • B. Taylor says:

      Tabitha, To me Prezi is more of a presentation tool. I think of Popplet as more of a tool to create graphic organizers, mind maps, concept maps – whatever you want to call them – a way for students (or anyone) to get organized and show their understanding of connections and relationships between concepts, ideas, etc. So a student might use Popplet to organize ideas prior to creating a poster or presentation. I suppose Popplet could be used for presenting, but it does not have nearly the functionality of something like Prezi – the motion paths and such.

  4. Laura H. says:

    Popplet definitely seems like a useful tool, and also one kids would enjoy using! The added features with color and other visual creativity the creator is allowed, students could definitely get really into creating their own Popplet, which seems like it could be a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and learn from other Popplets! Good job Maria!

  5. Steph G. says:

    Maria, awesome post! Popplet is such a cool tool! I like all the options for colors and formatting. Also, I like that it can really be applied to any subject and most grade levels, it make it so versatile. I can absolutely see myself using this tool in my classroom to teach students about important historical events. Great job!

  6. Sydney R. says:

    Great post Maria! I had never heard of Popplet before, but it definitely seems like something I could see myself using in the future with my students. It’s way more fun to make graphic organizers in a program like this than with just pen and paper. I love how easy they are to make and the possibilities for use in the classroom seem endless!

  7. Winna P. says:

    Maria! I love this post. Popplet sounds like such a great tool and it’s super cute. I am personally a visual learner and am all for things that are visually appealing. I would benefit greatly from using a tool like Popplet and will use it in my classroom to hopefully appeal to my own students who are also visual learners. Thanks for finding such an awesome resource!

  8. Anna B. says:

    Awesome post Maria! This is such a great tool that I had never heard of before. It takes making graphic organizers to a whole new level that is very fun and exciting to make! You can also make it your own to exactly fit whatever project you are working on or information you are trying to get across. I can see myself using this as a teacher to have my students connect ideas and themes from a story or across multiple books, using a Popplet to connect twin texts, or creating one to organize science terms by topic. Thanks for finding this tool and proving such a detailed post about it!

  9. Katie H. says:

    Great post Maria! I have always been a fan of graphic organizers because they are such a great tool for children to use and visually organize their thoughts and facts.. I never knew there was an online tool that could create them for me, since I hate creating graphic organizers by hand. I love customizable this tool is and how you can use it to organize ideas on almost any topic. I can totally see myself using this tool in my classroom to create charts for my students of even have my students create their own charts because it is so easy to use! Thanks for the great information and awesome tool!

  10. Aaron M. says:

    Great post Maria! I really like this cool tool as I am a person who needs to keep things organized. This if used correctly seems like something that can be used at a concept map for looking at historical themes. Although the colors for me will be difficult, my students might get a nice laugh if I mess that up. Thanks for showing us this tool as I know I will be using it one day in the future.

  11. Mary F. says:

    This is a really great tool!! It looks so helpful to be able to organize all of your thoughts and it can be used for so many different things! I love how you included that it could be helpful for both students and teachers. I really think this could be such a useful tool in classrooms. Thanks so much for all this new information!

  12. Angie E. says:

    Well done Maria! I had never heard of Poplet before reading your post, but it seems like a really cool tool. It would be great for teaching the elements of a story and students could display their knowledge of the concept by mapping a story they have read. It would also be great for teaching general organizational skills to young students in a fun, engaging way. Thanks for pointing out the app poplet app. As we talked about in class, a lot of low-income families have smartphones, but not computers, so it’s important to keep accessibility in mind for all of our students.

  13. Victoria B. says:

    Great post, Maria! After reading your post I played around with Popplet a bit. I love to be organized and the program was very easy to work with. This would be a great tool for students to use to make graphic organizers. Most students don’t enjoy making graphic organizers because they are often messy and in the end, disorganized, so this would be a very helpful for students. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Alexia M. says:

    Maria, I can definitely see myself using Popplet in the future! I’m not sure if I would use it as a student in college, since using graphic organizers isn’t what really helps me learn, but it will definitely be helpful as a future teacher. I think I want to teach special education or a regular education class in the lower elementary levels, so this would be great to expand on topics or even vocabulary words for my students. Younger kids as well as kids with special needs normally do well with symbols and pictures, so the feature that allows you to add a picture would be really great for this! Thanks for sharing!

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