Creating an Interactive Poster with Glogster

As students we’ve all been given poster projects which we’ve spent hours creating just to have them ruined on our way to school. Either something that was glued onto the poster falls off on the bus and we didn’t realize it until we got to school or we had to transport it in the rain just to have everything written in marker smear. In short, carrying posters to school is hard and very annoying. With the growing Media Age, there is a way to create posters online in a way that is new and exciting for students. This site is called Glogster.

Glogster allows users to create glogs. Glogs are online multimedia posters that can include youtube videos, pictures, text, audio, and links to other websites. You can even costumize your background by choosing from their background library and choosing from their many graphics to add clipart and symbols to your glog/poster.

The Youtube video embedded below, fastactionglogging, quickly demonstrates how easy it is to create a glog and how easy it is to make your glog unique. While this video is very informative, it doesn’t highlight the fact that you can add a link  to words or photos guiding the viewer to where you got your information from. This tool helps students learn that they need to cite where they got their information from.

More tutorials about using glogster can be found on the Glogster dotcom youtube channel.

To see how glogster works, I created my own glog about Dalmatians, which can be found below. I practiced embedding links, videos, text, audio, and pictures in my glog. I even chose a white background with black dots to match my topic!

My glog about dalmatians

My glog about dalmatians

The Glogopedia Library

The Glogopedia Library contains all of the public glogs that have been made

One of the cool things about glogster is that they have their own Glogopedia Library which sorts glogs into certain categories such as social studies, art, and science just to name a few. Once you choose which discipline you want to know more about you can even further narrow your search by choosing a subject within that discipline. For example, if I were to give my 5th grade class a project where they each had to make a glog about a specific illness or disease, they would go to the Health and Fitness discipline and then go to the illness and disease subject to look at examples of what other have done.

While glogs can be fun and motivational they are a good assessment tool for teachers to see how students understand the material. In the post Using Glogster as an Assessment Tool by José Picardo on Picardo brings up a good point as to why glogs are so great- they incorporate listening, reading, writing and speaking all in one project. These four skills are vital in order for a student to succeed. Unlike traditional posters, students can peer assess one another by leaving comments underneath the glog. Student comments can also help teachers see if the students are fully understanding what they are suppose to be understanding or if further teaching on the subject is required.

To find out more ways to use glogster in the classroom or how to assess your student’s glogs, visit some of these great sites:

Hopefully you all have learned new things about the great cool tool that is known as Glogster! Do you think you would assign your students projects using glogster? As a student do you think you would want to create projects using glogster? Let me know what you think about Glogster!

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20 Responses to Creating an Interactive Poster with Glogster

  1. Aaron M. says:

    Thanks Chelsea. I have never heard of Glogster before this post, so thank you very much. I definitely feel that kids growing up today should be using this tool as we are in the Media Age. I can count numerous times where I was on my way to school and my posters were ruined, but with this tool there is no need to worry about lossing something on the way. The idea of the Glogopedia Library seems very interesting and after looking at it, I may use it for one of my projects this year or assign a project for my students. Thanks again, Great post!

  2. Chelsea R. says:

    This is a great to save paper as well! Glogster seems like it’s pretty easy to use and anyone who goes onto the site can get ideas of different ways to create their own Glog. Going back to when we used Flickr and it was easy to find photos and information that are legally aloud to be sited and use in projects. This would be a great way to incorporate both units and evaluate students ability to utilize each site!

  3. Sara R. says:

    Chelsea, thanks for the informative post! While I was always a fan of creating posters for class, as I really jumped on any opportunity I had to be creative while doing my schoolwork, I know that a lot of my peers did not feel the same way–mostly because they were not confident in their creative abilities or their handwriting/drawing was practically indecipherable. However, using Glogster eliminates the need for students to have to take the time to hand-write or draw out any images, or even take the time to cut out and paste that that they have created/found on the computer, as you mentioned. I really enjoyed reading about how Glogster’s Glogopedia houses various posters from which students or teachers can get inspiration to create their own posters.

  4. Tabitha C. says:

    Your intro paragraph is so true–physical posters for class is the worst. I’ve used Glogster before and I really like it! The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t see the whole poster at one time…you have to scroll down which you wouldnt have to do in a physical poster. But it can be a huge timesaver and easily shareable!! Thanks!

    • Chelsea S. says:

      I definitely agree with you on the scrolling down part of Glogster. That is one of the things I didn’t like as well. I’d rather be able to see everything all at once!

  5. Laura H. says:

    I have never heard of Glogster before, but it seems super useful. I think kids would be super excited to use it, because of all its features and uses, and of course the technological aspect! And since Glogster helps students learn while also measuring how they are doing, it seems like it would definitely be a good tool for all teachers to use in their classroom.

  6. Steph G. says:

    Chelsea, I had never heard of Glogster before your post, but it seems like a really amazing tool. I know that I have definitely struggled with carrying poster boards around, also it seems like a fun tool that kids would love to use. That is awesome that you can embed so many things onto a glog. (By the way, I loved yours about Dalmatians). I think this may become a tool frequently used in the classroom because it is so universal and relatable. Great job!

  7. B. Taylor says:

    Don’t forget the big idea here is using posters (traditional ones or online glogs) as a way to assess students’ learning. The content they choose to include in the poster should demonstrate their understanding of what they’ve learned. Glogs can be a “fun” way to do that.

  8. Maria H. says:

    Glogster looks like quite the cool, interactive tool. For assessing student learning, I can imagine a final project for a chapter in my Spanish classroom being to make a Glog with a section each for vocabulary, grammar, and culture. There are countless ways for students to create these Glogs, and I love all of the background options and the Glogopedia. Great job, Chelsea!

  9. Mary F. says:

    Great blog post! Glogser definitely looks like a cool tool I’d be willing to use with my students. I like the idea of the library, where students can see what students like them have done if the past to get an idea of what they should be doing now. There are so many options to do with Glogster and I really like how un-resrictive it is. I can see kids really enjoying this tool. Thanks!!

  10. Sydney R. says:

    Wow Glogster seems like a dream come true! Not only does it save time, money, and paper, it can be a good tool to introduce younger students to all the possibilities that technology has to offer. After all, you can’t glue a video to a poster board! I can definitely see myself having students use Glogster for their posters in the future. Thanks for sharing Chelsea!

  11. Winna P. says:

    Hi Chelsea! This post was great. I actually used Glogster when I worked with a 3rd grade class my senior year of high school. These students were learning about the presidents of the United States and each used Glogster to make a poster on the president they were assigned to. It was a great resource and the students absolutely LOVED it! They mainly liked it because it was online and it had a lot of cool features. Some of them even embedded YouTube videos onto their posters! The online aspect also allowed them to work on it at home or in the classroom when they had spare time. I hope to use this one day in order to get my students excited about debuting their work! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Anna B. says:

    Hey Chelsea! This is an awesome tool!! I had never heard of it before, but I think it is super fun to use and allows each student to use their own creativity and ideas to create a poster that showcases what they have learned. I like that other students and teachers can comment on the poster to say what they learned from it or how their poster connects to one they made. I also like the library where you can find already made posters to show your students. Great post!

  13. Katie H. says:

    Great post Chelsea! I had never heard of Glogster before but I was really excited to learn about it because Professor Taylor talked about it in class. I am personally a fan of making posters by hand because it brings out my quasi-crafty side, but I love this tool. The fact that you can put videos and links into your posters is very convenient and great for students to have. This tool would be perfect for students to use for projects that they can present in class and all of the students can access their posters online so they can read it all. I will totally use this tool in my future classroom. Thanks for sharing the great tool!

  14. Alexia M. says:

    This is a great post, Chelsea! I have never used Glogster before, and the first time I heard about it was in Professor Taylor’s class. It seems like it would be a great tool to use and there are many chances that students could use it in the classroom. I have definitely had instances where I have messed up a poster on the way to my class, or simply forgotten it. It would have been helpful to have an online Glog, where it would be impossible to forget it, since it is online! Thanks for the useful information.

  15. Kelly F. says:

    Glogs sound really cool and educational! Not only do they have a great name, they also have a great idea behind them. Thanks for this. I can easily see myself assigning students to present on a topic and urging them to use Glogster.

  16. Angie E. says:

    This is great! I was not familiar with Glogster before reading your post, but I really want to make one now! As Winna said, I can imagine students getting excited about using a tool like this. Using this as an assessment is also great for determining students’ familiarity with not only the content they present, but their literacy of web tools and skills like importing pictures and videos. Thanks for a great post!

  17. Victoria B. says:

    Great post! Prior to reading your post, I had never heard of Glogster. I think this is a great tool that can definitely be used in the classroom. I think posters are a very good way to present information but today, students are more inclined to use technology. This tool is a good compromise between the two, allowing students to still use technology while making a poster-like project. I will definitely utilize this tool in my teaching!

  18. Robin G. says:

    Thanks for your post Chelsea! Prior to reading it, I had never heard of Glogster before! I think that it is a wise transition for students and teachers to make from the traditional paper posters. This is a generation where technology is a part of quotidian life, therefore making this transition an easy and very feasible one. It makes a lot of sense to use Glogster because, like you said in your post, transporting paper posters is tedious and difficult. Thanks for the insight on how to use this awesome tool!

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