Google Calendar: Changing the Layout and Creating/Editing Events

Since humans revolve around the concept of time, we have created an organizational system, the calendar, to help us keep track of our daily and future events in one location for easy access. There are many types of calendars you can choose from; they range from different styles to different colors and to digital or physical. With many types of agendas to choose from, there is a perfect fit for everyone. When Google was creating a calendar for their users to use they understood that everyone is different, therefore creating several layouts for people to choose from. On there is an entire course of videos dedicated to Google Calendars that show all of the cool things you can do!

In Chapter 1 of Google Calendar Essential TrainingGetting Started with Google Calendar, the video Changing the way the calendar looks introduces viewers to all of the different Display options Google has given us. For example, the image below shows my calendar in a week view.

Calendar with events, weather, and multiple time zones

Example of my October 13-19 Google Calendar

People can choose from different layouts such as a day view, a 4 day view, a weekly

Different Display views

Ways to Change the Layout of your Calendar

view, a monthly view, and an agenda depending on which layout is convenient for their lifestyle. Google also allows people to add additional time zones to their calendar, adding the weather forecast for each day when the location is known, and changing what day the week starts by going into the Settings section. Additionally, people can change the display density of their calendars. The display density enables people to see more or less of the calendar on their screen by clicking either comfortable, cozy, or compact under the settings button. By playing with these settings, you can customize a layout that works the best for you to make your life easier.

In Chapter 2, Creating and Editing Events, I checked out videos 1,2, and 5. The first video, Creating a Calendar Event, described different ways to add an event to the calendar on the screen. You can add an event by going to the create tab at the top of the navigation column, clicking the down arrow at the end of the desired calendar on the navigation

Personalizing Information to Create an Event

How To Create an Event

column, or by going to the calendar itself and clicking the time where your event will begin. Once you add an event you can then go to the main editing page and be able to enter the name, date, time, location and any other extra information you may need to know about the event. You are also able to change the color of the event which may help to easily identify academic events from social events if you so choose to color coordinate events.

Repeating Kevin's Birthday

Repeating an Event

The video named Creating all-day, repeating, and duplicating videos, shows how to take an event that you created and make it be an all-day event, how to repeat an event, and how to duplicate an event through the editing page. It’s common to have events that occur more than once, such as your class schedule which you can repeat weekly or someone’s birthday which you can repeat yearly. All-day events differ from regular events because they have a special location up at the top of the day slot to signify there isn’t a start nor end time for this event but instead it lasts all day. By using these three techniques, you can save time from having to manually go to each day and set up the same event numerous times in the same format. By knowing these shortcuts you can save time and get on with the rest of your day!

The final video, Editing and Deleting a Calendar Event, helps users understand how easy it is to change an event that they already have on their calendar. In life, plans change and things that have been planned for weeks end up changing a day or two before the event is to occur. Luckily, there is a way for us to edit these events. The easiest way is to just click on the event on the calendar and a box will appear allowing you to edit the event or delete it completely. The other thing that is pretty cool about editing and deleting events is for recurring events you have the ability to edit or delete one of the events or all of them at the same time. For example, fall break happens on a Monday and Tuesday resulting in no classes. I was able to delete classes from those two days of that week while keeping all of the future Monday and Tuesday classes on my calendar.

I hope you decide to go check out the tutorials at to learn more about working with Google Calendars. For further information you can also check out Google Calendar Help which will help guide you through certain areas of Google Calendars.

Personally, I love using Google Calendar. It makes life so easy by helping me remember when I need to be somewhere and who I need to meet up with at what time! I’d love to hear your thoughts about Google Calendars. Do you use your Google Calendar to keep track of your schedule? Why would it be important for teachers to have an organized calendar? If you don’t use your Google Calendar, do you think you will start? If you want to learn more about other neat things you can do with Google Calendars check out Aaron M.’s post about Sharing Your Google Calendar with Others or Chelsea R.’s post about Google Calendar: Sending and Responding to Invitations.

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14 Responses to Google Calendar: Changing the Layout and Creating/Editing Events

  1. B. Taylor says:

    Yes I do use Google Calendar, and I love it! I sync it with my phone and other devices so that wherever I am I can see my calendar. I can add events on my computer or on my phone and my calendar updates everywhere. Another cool thing you can do as a student is to export your class schedule from OnTrack and import it into your Google Calendar (or other calendar program you might use). It’s really cool – each of your classes is a repeating event like Chelsea describes in her post – with a start and end date for start/end of semester – even adds your exam times too. Give it a try – just login to OnTrack, go to My Class Schedule, and check the box that says “Export my class schedule” – next screen will give you detailed instructions on how to import into various calendar programs.

  2. Sara R. says:

    Chelsea–thank you for this very informative, well-written post! I have not yet made the transition to using a digital form of a calendar, as I tend to remember things better if I take the time to write them out in my agenda; the ability to hold something in my hands is necessary (maybe that makes me old-fashioned). However, I can see the many benefits from using Google Calendars and should really consider making that transition sooner rather than later. It would really save me a lot of time too–as all of the organizations I am involved in use Google Calendars and have all shared those calendars with me, meaning that all of those activities are synced. Great post!

  3. Mary F. says:

    This was such a helpful post! After reading it I went and added it to my computer and I already love it! It’s so helpful and goes to your phone too!! It’s such a great way to organize your schedule and stay organized. It’s great that people, like teachers for example, can share calendars with you and you can easily just add them to your own. I’ll definitely be using that as a teacher when I have a classroom and need students or parents to remember upcoming events. Thanks for all the useful information!

  4. Steph G. says:

    Chelsea, I had no idea that I could format my Google calendar like that! You screenshots were really effective in explaining how to do so. I’ve never really been a fan of Google calendar, because I like to write things down, but now that I know that I can personalize it so much, I might have to take another try at it! Thanks so much!

    • B. Taylor says:

      Steph and others, You all must be better at keeping up with a paper planner than I ever was. Like you, I used to write things down, but I lived in fear of losing my planner and all that it contained and invariably I’d be somewhere and not have it with me when I needed it. When I first I started using Google Calendar, I kept my planner and the online version, but soon I stopped using the planner and have not bought another one since. The act of typing an event (like you all write it) is good enough for me, and as Chelsea pointed out in her post, I can view my calendar in different views – week view is probably like what most of you look at in your planners. I’d encourage you to give it a try – keep both for a while and then choose which one you want to abandon.

  5. Winna P. says:

    Chelsea, your post was very well written and super easy to understand. First off, just like everyone else who has already commented, I have never really used Google Calendar. My sister has always encouraged me to use it and I have just been too stubborn. I absolutely LOVE my paper planner, but after reading your post I have learned so much I am going to try it out! Thanks so much for all of this information, you did a wonderful job!

  6. Katie H. says:

    Great post Chelsea! Like everyone has said before me I rarely ever use my Google Calendar because it tends to overwhelm me. I haven’t taken the time to go through the extensive calendars that have been shared with me, such as the Teaching Fellows calendar, and including only the information that is relevant to me. I use my Google Calendar as a start off point to look for events then to write them in my planner. I am dedicated to the satisfaction of crossing something off when I’m done. (Weird, I know.) I am glad to have learned that you can sync the Google Calendar with other devices, such as your phone because that is very convenient. I might just have to sit down and give Google Calendars a try at organizing events other than school work. Thanks for a very informative post!

  7. Maria H. says:

    This is great, Chelsea! I especially love how you can change the display density of the calendar. Now I can have the whole calendar fit my screen perfectly! Also, the Creating an Event explanation was so helpful. And your screenshots were great! Thanks!

  8. Victoria B. says:

    Thanks for the great post, Chelsea! I have never before used Google Calendar. I am a major planner but I have never used any type of computer based calendar system. I strictly use my planner to stay organized. However, from your post, I can see the positives in using Google Calendar. I especially thought the ability to add the weather forecast to the calendar was a great feature. I always like to keep track of the weather. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Alexia M. says:

    Chelsea, I have used Google Calendars before, and I have synced Google Calendars to my iPhone so that I can view it easily on the go! I pretty much knew the majority of what you talked about, but I didn’t know that you could add weather forecasts or change the display density! I will have to mess around with those features the next time I open up my Google Calendar. Great post!

  10. Angie E. says:

    Hey Chelsea great job! I use the iCalendar on my phone and computer but I’ve actually never used Google calendar. I need to get on the bandwagon! I know it would be very useful in helping me organize my busy schedule and I could access it from any computer, not just my own. Thanks for all the tips on organizing and repeating events. I love that you can have multiple time zones and weather forecasts! I know this will come in handy when I study abroad next semester.

  11. Tabitha C. says:

    Yesterday, my friend was very mad at himself because he was so disorganized and kept missing meetings and homework assignments. I suggested Google Calendar as an idea and he took it and was so excited to show me all the progress he has made and how he will never make a mistake again because he has everything so organized! I tend to be pretty organized, but I have missed a meeting or two accidentally before, and after looking at his calendar, I was impressed and tempted to try it myself. But, I felt like I didn’t know how to approach adding all the events like he did. I considered asking him, but now I can just follow your super easy to follow blogpost instead!! Thanks so much Chelsea, this is a great help!!

  12. Anna B. says:

    Hey Chelsea! This is so great! I have always been a paper and pencil kind of gal, but after reading how cool Google calendar is, I might just have to try it out! I like that you can organize it in the way you want to, how easy it is to create any event, especially repeating events, and how accessible it is. I have never really used Google calendar before, so I had no clue that you could format it the ways you described here! I think as a teacher, Google calendars is the way to go because it seems that it is really easy to get organized this way! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Laura H. says:

    Google Calendar is such an awesome tool, and you did a great job explaining ways to make it even better!! I enjoyed reading ways to make it more organized, especially because I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the options and tend to shy away from using them. But now my google calendar will be more organized then ever! Thanks

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